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i’m stil real, i’m still strong, and i’m at this blog

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i need to sleep i’m so melting

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it ffeels like someone put me on when you pause a movie an then hit fastfoareward so it’s like half motion but how i’m some how a speedster dude and typing fasting thatn normally idon’t understand what’s happenign really 

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trickstervriska replied to your post: talk to me

whats up

the sky (swa)

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i feel like someone lit my eye balls on fire ow

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White men, they get nervous when another race gets a little power, ‘cause they’re scared that that race is going to to do them what they did to that race. So they start screaming, ‘Reverse racism! This is reverse racism!’

Wait a minute, isn’t reverse racism when a racist is nice to other people? That’s reverse racism. What you’re afraid of is Karma.

— Wanda Sykes (via rumine)

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i id chihiro as agender bc they obv weren’t comfy w/ iding as a girl or a boy so. idk it’s kind. up to interpretation  i think

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talk to me 

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i feel like i’m pissing my pants. i’m nor tho

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wait nvm i foun it